Beneath the Surface

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

She let the tide bury her feet, then she held still as the salty water washed them clean. The process repeated a dozen times or more; her dry, red eyes focused on her toes as they disappeared and reappeared. She ignored the ache in her right hip, barely noticing it dissipate as the sand beneath her formed a seat. The burn across her neck and shoulders began as a small …

table with glasses

Girl’s Night

Image by Rose McAvoy from Pixabay

We sit outside, hoping a breeze will take over when the sun sets, but as it begins its descent, the winds become more still. The fans installed in the corners of the overhang create just enough air to keep us in our seats. We aren’t comfortable, but it will do. 

“My mom is still sick.” Amanda says, wiping sweat from her neck before taking the stale ashtray from the …