Life is Changing, But so are You

Contributed to New Orleans Mom

The you of today is not the same “pre-quarantine” you. This new you is resilient. Capable. Strong. Even in the face of darkness, even if you think you are screwing up, you are getting up and going again. You are facing every day because there is no choice. It’s not exactly a hopeful message, but it’s an accurate one.

Dark Rooms Giveaway and Announcement!

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Here’s how it works:

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I Wish I Could Hug You Right Now

Contributed to New Orleans Mom

It’s getting a bit tense. I saw you in yoga this morning, brows furrowed even as you reluctantly allowed yourself an hour of peace. I passed you in the grocery with your shoulders near to your ears, chewing on your lip because you can’t touch your face. I got your text, and what it said, and more importantly what it didn’t say, what was in between the words.

A Note for my Shy Daughter, From your Outgoing Momma

Contributed to New Orleans Mom

The great part about being a member of a community, little one, is that we are exposed to all kinds of people. If we are lucky, we get to meet people who aren’t like us. We get to talk to others with a completely different perspective. We dress differently. We eat different foods. We live different lifestyles. That is cool. It’s how we grow. It’s how we come to