Dark Rooms Giveaway and Announcement!

In recognition of everyone’s recent quarantine, I am releasing Dark Rooms TWO WEEKS EARLY! That’s right – if you have already pre-ordered, it will automatically download on Thursday, March 26th!!

But wait… there’s more. ☺️ The paperback version of Dark Rooms is on Amazon – RIGHT NOW. To celebrate ALLLLL this good news that we need, I’m doing a giveaway AND showing you the first chapter!

Here’s how it works:

1. Pre-order the eBook or …

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A Note for my Shy Daughter, From your Outgoing Momma

Contributed to New Orleans Mom

The great part about being a member of a community, little one, is that we are exposed to all kinds of people. If we are lucky, we get to meet people who aren’t like us. We get to talk to others with a completely different perspective. We dress differently. We eat different foods. We live different lifestyles. That is cool. It’s how we grow. It’s how we come to

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Beneath the Surface

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

She let the tide bury her feet, then she held still as the salty water washed them clean. The process repeated a dozen times or more; her dry, red eyes focused on her toes as they disappeared and reappeared. She ignored the ache in her right hip, barely noticing it dissipate as the sand beneath her formed a seat. The burn across her neck and shoulders began as a small …

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table with glasses

Girl’s Night

Image by Rose McAvoy from Pixabay

We sit outside, hoping a breeze will take over when the sun sets, but as it begins its descent, the winds become more still. The fans installed in the corners of the overhang create just enough air to keep us in our seats. We aren’t comfortable, but it will do. 

“My mom is still sick.” Amanda says, wiping sweat from her neck before taking the stale ashtray from the …

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The Five P’s for Managing Back to School Anxiety

Contributed to New Orleans Mom

We have been ramping into “school mode” for several weeks, in a different way than most. My daughter Charley suffers from anxiety and sensory issues. For her, and many children like her, school is not just getting an education, seeing friends and adjusting to schedule. She fights inner demons: classrooms that are too loud, children (and teachers) that are too harsh, and irrational fears that are too big. Easing

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You Were a Vine

Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

When He took you from me He promised you would become a flower. Any flower I chose. I thought of your resilience, remembered the times you should have caved but didn’t. When you ran, far before you walked, you wanted to jump. So you did.

I never gave you up willingly. I held on for dear life, squeezed you so tight to me your tiny hands dug into my …

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