News and updates about books, sales and appearances.

  • A Yule Illusion is Now Available

    Embers in Bloom, book three, will be out in January. But for those of you eager to devour more of Illusion Square (or just looking for a quick holiday read), I’ve released a surprise holiday novella. Adeline Refaire swears her biological clock isn’t ticking. And her boyfriend’s surprise engagement plans aren’t helping. When she freezes time in a moment of panic, can he convince her she’s worthy of a happy future?

  • Ten Reasons to Pre-Order Thyme Under Tension

    Book One of the Illusion Square novellas releases next Thursday, October 1st and I could not be more excited. On the socials, I’m posting a daily countdown, each with a reason to pre-order this awesome and fun new book. But, because you are special and reading this now, you get to see them all at once. I know, I know, my generosity is astounding. Take a look at these ten compelling points about my new novella, then head over to Amazon to pre-order!

  • New Book Cover, Who Dis?

    Even though Dark Rooms is on the market doing its thing, I like to continue to improve and update – especially as I learn more! Some of the feedback I received from my readers (and fellow writers) was that the cover didn’t scream “paranormal romance” or stand out in a crowd. As I branch out from friends and family purchasing the book (although thank you all for the support), this is an important point. In a sea of book covers, I need mine to grab attention. So, without further ado, Dark Rooms got a makeover…. I love it so much! I’m actually glad I nudged myself to let go of…