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  • Ten Reasons to Pre-Order Thyme Under Tension

    Book One of the Illusion Square novellas releases next Thursday, October 1st and I could not be more excited. On the socials, I’m posting a daily countdown, each with a reason to pre-order this awesome and fun new book. But, because you are special and reading this now, you get to see them all at once. I know, I know, my generosity is astounding. Take a look at these ten compelling points about my new novella, then head over to Amazon to pre-order!

  • Dark Rooms Spotify Playlist

    Just for fun I put together a Spotify playlist of songs inspired by Dark Rooms. It’s got a fun combination of fast, slow, happy, and sad. Take a listen and let me know if it reminds you of the book! PS – if you want to listen while you read, you can find Dark Rooms on Amazon or anywhere eBooks are sold.

  • New Book Cover, Who Dis?

    Even though Dark Rooms is on the market doing its thing, I like to continue to improve and update – especially as I learn more! Some of the feedback I received from my readers (and fellow writers) was that the cover didn’t scream “paranormal romance” or stand out in a crowd. As I branch out from friends and family purchasing the book (although thank you all for the support), this is an important point. In a sea of book covers, I need mine to grab attention. So, without further ado, Dark Rooms got a makeover…. I love it so much! I’m actually glad I nudged myself to let go of…

  • Dark Rooms Giveaway and Announcement!

    In recognition of everyone’s recent quarantine, I am releasing Dark Rooms TWO WEEKS EARLY! That’s right – if you have already pre-ordered, it will automatically download on Thursday, March 26th!! But wait… there’s more. ☺️ The paperback version of Dark Rooms is on Amazon – RIGHT NOW. To celebrate ALLLLL this good news that we need, I’m doing a giveaway AND showing you the first chapter! Here’s how it works: 1. Pre-order the eBook or order the paperback 2. Fill out the form at the link below and include a screen shot of your order form 3. I will send you the first chapter of Dark Rooms 4. The morning…