Even though Dark Rooms is on the market doing its thing, I like to continue to improve and update – especially as I learn more! Some of the feedback I received from my readers (and fellow writers) was that the cover didn’t scream “paranormal romance” or stand out in a crowd.

As I branch out from friends and family purchasing the book (although thank you all for the support), this is an important point. In a sea of book covers, I need mine to grab attention. So, without further ado, Dark Rooms got a makeover….

I love it so much! I’m actually glad I nudged myself to let go of the original cover enough to embrace a change. The new cover pops! It’s telling that my last cover was a little timid because I, as a new writer, felt the same way. This is a bold cover from a bold author – I dig that.

I was married to those purple flames (and if you’ve read the book, you know why) and I adored the silhouette. It will be rare for you to see a person on my book covers because I like to let your imagination run free. But the flames were too dark and the couple blended in. I’m surprised to see that, by bringing the couple to the center, the flames feel brighter. And that font! Color me smitten.

What do you think?

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