a paranormal women’s fiction novella

Echoes of Ink

Book One of The Seasoned Scribe

June was looking for a midlife reset.

Instead, she found a magical destiny that shaped another world.

And left hers in ruins.

Empowered midlife fantasy fiction

Jen (JB) Lassalle

JB (Jen) Lassalle is a writer of paranormal women’s fiction and midlife fantasy fiction. She likes strong females who are more than just a bit awkward, dimensional males who roll with the punches, and found family friendships that triumph over nuanced bad guys you love to hate.

Jen is a New Orleans resident. The city, and the surrounding areas, serve as a rich backdrop for a world where magic exists and mystical creatures are not only real, but live among us.

When Jen isn’t writing, she’s hanging with her family or friends drinking coffee. She likes lifting weights (no, really), loves swimming, and plays video games. She’s a borderline obsessive crafter. And, of course, she reads.

Jen and her husband have two kids. One is an avid competitive swimmer (which sucks up all their weekend time). The other is a daydreamer like Jen who plays the Mega Man theme on his guitar and can solve a Rubik’s cube in under two minutes.

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Bridge Over Shallow Water

A surprise mermaid tail. A stubborn house. A talking gator. Misty’s midlife crisis is going off the deep end.

The Enchanted Elements

A set of magical talismans. Eight people destined to protect them. Four unforgettable romances forged in magic and danger.

Starting Over in Cypress Lake

Twenty years ago, Jasmine fled her family legacy. But when a crisis pulls her back, can a free spirit find a fullfilling path in the small town she left behind? 


Jen Lassalle is a consummate writer, painting pictures with her prose. Her scenes unfold in front of us like an expertly shot movie. She conjures vivid images in our minds that compel us to keep reading and characters we think about long after we finish their stories.


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A Yule Illusion is Now Available

Embers in Bloom, book three, will be out in January. But for those of you eager to devour more of Illusion Square (or just looking for a quick holiday read), I've released a surprise holiday novella. Adeline Refaire swears her biological clock isn't ticking. And her...

Walk Into It

Walk Into It

Amelie wrinkled her nose at the rotting stench as they approached the water. Muggy heat glued her knotted hair to the back of her neck. She pointed at a fish, surrounded by cigarette butts and dusty beer bottles with faded labels. "Was your Pop out here, Rav?" Fear,...

Soul Mates

Soul Mates

I mute my phone and shove it into my pocket, next to my lipstick and the extra pencils I keep to hold my blond, messy bun in place. “Rebecca?” He’s early, and he materializes so quickly that I fall through the dusty brown brick wall behind me. “Oh, sorry! I’m still...

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