At Beyond Thyme, the store on the southwest corner of Illusion Square, Adeline Refaire waits for the same afternoon to begin again and again. Normally, she doesn’t mind repeating a day, especially if she can help someone seize an opportunity they missed the first time. But this Tuesday has worn out its welcome, and her repeated efforts to save a life are taking a toll.

No-nonsense crime blogger Christopher Reynolds is struggling to find a lead in his current cold case until a surprise in his daily activities brings a new angle but puts his life in danger. When he’s drawn to Illusion Square, and the mysteriously sexy Adeline, he wonders if she has answers to the questions he hasn’t yet thought to ask.

As Adeline tries to solve the mystery of the cycling Tuesday, she’s forced to admit her developing feelings for Christopher, who doesn’t exactly remember meeting her every day. If instinct is drawing them together, is it possible that same instinct could break the cycle and help them solve a twenty-year-old crime before it destroys both of their lives?

Six years ago, Eve’s life was destroyed when a home invasion became a tragedy. Now, she keeps the world at a distance, and her magical abilities hidden, to protect her daughter. But at night, she’s plagued with nightmares from a past she can’t recall, and a secret longing for something deeper.

When Nate woke up in the hospital, he had no memory of what happened, or how he got the jagged scar across his neck. He only knew he’d been attacked for something he didn’t have. Six years later, he’s dedicated to raising his son and forgetting the past. But at night, dark rooms haunt his nightmares and remind him of the mysterious woman who saved him.

When their children form an intense friendship, Eve and Nate can’t deny their chemistry. But as they grow closer, the careful barriers Eve placed around her magic shatter. Their connection is the key they’ve been looking for, but their bond has awakened an evil presence out for revenge.

He wants Eve’s power. He knows how to take it. And he will kill anyone who stands in his way.

The promotion of June’s dreams creates disturbing nightmares of another world. But when those nightmares become reality, can she embrace her destiny before their war leads to our destruction?

When June’s boss promised to groom her for the promotion of her dreams, she knew she would have to endure a few sleepless nights. She didn’t know it would strain her new romance or lead to disturbing nightmares. She’ll do anything to get ahead, but when those nightmares come to life, she’s forced to acknowledge her deeper calling.

Then Kida, a distant warrior, steps out of her dreams to protect and guide June. She must choose between the safe path she’s on or the dangerous power of her higher purpose. June’s words prophesy violent battles and a war for the throne that shapes their future and alters ours. But wars have casualties in both worlds, and as her family’s connection to Kida deepens, finishing the story may prove difficult. And tragic.