Marilena Learns to Rage

Marilena woke promptly at 5:20 am to the soft chimes of her alarm. She took a moment to inhale and, as she exhaled, smiled to herself. Rising with a slight spring (it wouldn’t be proper to hop out of bed, …

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The Missing Girl

Please note this story includes some minor sexual content.

One day at a rest stop I was looking at the pictures of missing children on the board and one of them looked like me. It sparked this idea of a girl seeing herself at a rest stop many years after she went missing.

Monsters in the Water

I was watching my daughter swim one day with her team and one of the other kids kind of swam over her. She just dipped briefly under water and was totally fine, but of course my imagination took me somewhere else.

I Don’t Like Salmon

A widow re-enters the dating world.

There’s not much to say about this one. I just really love this story.