Let’s Take Ourselves Off Auto-Pilot

Contributed to New Orleans Mom

How ridiculous was it that my plan to be super productive came at the expense of my basic needs as a human? How often, I wondered, did I plan days like this where I didn’t allow myself to eat or even stop to rest for five full minutes?

I didn’t know the exact answer, but I knew I must do it often enough that I no longer even recognized the

Motherhood is Changing, But I’m Still Tired

Contributed to New Orleans Moms.

These days I seldom fall asleep exhausted from a day of meeting basic needs. Instead, I fall into bed exhausted, but lie awake wondering if I properly managed that emotional outburst or over-explained the concept of cancer. Was I too angry at her innocent questions? Did he feel neglected because I kept looking at my phone? Am I doing any of this right or will they remember how I

A Unicorn Story

Originally posted on Time Worn Tales Photography, we took a normal photo shoot and turned it into a magical adventure.

As they arrived, Charley squealed at the sight of her old friend Flirty. The Winter Unicorn sat waiting amidst the trees. Forgetting she was a “proper” princess, Charley hopped out of the sled and rushed to greet her. The bowed to one another, then Charley hugged her and kissed her snout. Gabe stayed behind,