My Ten All-Time Favorite Books (and why)

My earliest memories involve books. Ramona Quimby and I lounged together on hot summer afternoons. Judy Blume and I learned to see the world in exciting, complex ways. As I grew up, Judy and I took different trips – ones …

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Seven Steps to Sane Social Media

Contributed to New Orleans Mom I agree that social media should not be all-consuming, nor should it actively influence how I feel when I’m not “plugged in.” So I dug deep into my therapy toolkit and set boundaries that keep …

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Life is Changing, But so are You

Contributed to New Orleans Mom The you of today is not the same “pre-quarantine” you. This new you is resilient. Capable. Strong. Even in the face of darkness, even if you think you are screwing up, you are getting up and going …

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I Wish I Could Hug You Right Now

Contributed to New Orleans Mom It’s getting a bit tense. I saw you in yoga this morning, brows furrowed even as you reluctantly allowed yourself an hour of peace. I passed you in the grocery with your shoulders near to …

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Author Interview for Dark Rooms

Last week, I answered a few questions from the Pensive Bookworm regarding my upcoming book, Dark Rooms. Check out the interview in full HERE.