Childhood Anxiety Series

A three-piece series on Childhood Anxiety contributed to New Orleans Mom.

Part One is an Introduction:

The first time my daughter had a full panic attack I had one along with her. We were at the same gymnastics studio we’d been attending twice a week for three years. Her favorite coach and friends were already on the mat, but she was so terrified she couldn’t walk through the door. She gripped my arm, wailing

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Motherhood is Changing, But I’m Still Tired

Contributed to New Orleans Moms.

These days I seldom fall asleep exhausted from a day of meeting basic needs. Instead, I fall into bed exhausted, but lie awake wondering if I properly managed that emotional outburst or over-explained the concept of cancer. Was I too angry at her innocent questions? Did he feel neglected because I kept looking at my phone? Am I doing any of this right or will they remember how I

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A Unicorn Story

Originally posted on Time Worn Tales Photography, we took a normal photo shoot and turned it into a magical adventure.

As they arrived, Charley squealed at the sight of her old friend Flirty. The Winter Unicorn sat waiting amidst the trees. Forgetting she was a “proper” princess, Charley hopped out of the sled and rushed to greet her. The bowed to one another, then Charley hugged her and kissed her snout. Gabe stayed behind,

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I’ve Been Measuring My Worth by My Weight

Contributed to New Orleans Mom.

Most of my day, even if I’m wearing a smile, I’m fighting an internal battle. Inside my mind, I am berating the clothes I’m wearing, wondering if my double chin is showing and thinking about my weight. I’m assessing if there are rolls underneath my shirt. I’m worried I have a boob bubble sticking out of my bra. I’m hoping no one but me hears my thighs rub. I’m terrified

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Hurricane Katrina Made Me Want to Plant Roots

Contributed to New Orleans Mom and featured on

Back then, they called it “The Storm” (and some still do, although the moniker lost power after Gustav). There were blue tarps on most roofs. There were large piles of debris that had not yet been cleared. The roads … well, you know. Still, every person I met was eager to share their experience. Every open restaurant was welcoming. In no time I was in love.

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