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Girl’s Night

Image by Rose McAvoy from Pixabay We sit outside, hoping a breeze will take over when the sun sets, but as it begins its descent, the winds become more still. The fans installed in the corners of the overhang create …

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Heat Wave

I am very proud to be included in the Summer issue of Spark Flash Fiction! You can read my charming little beach-located romance here.

You Were a Vine

Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay When He took you from me He promised you would become a flower. Any flower I chose. I thought of your resilience, remembered the times you should have caved but didn’t. When you ran, …

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His Love of Nature

Picture by Kellepics, courtesy of Pixabay. It was overcast today, but he knew what was coming. Summer started tomorrow. Tomorrow was the longest day. The Solstice. Tomorrow he would walk outside and greet the sun.   Tomorrow was her last day …

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My First Funeral

I entered the church and went straight to Emily. I hugged her, as we always do when we see each other, but I held on longer. She didn’t mind. We aren’t family, so I wasn’t allowed to sit with her. …

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