Non-fiction blog posts for New Orleans mom or other publications.

  • Ditch the Car and Take the Train

    Contributed to New Orleans Living Magazine We all enjoyed the travel time feeling more social than obligatory, and the vacation felt longer as a result. However the delays soured the experience. All in all, it might not be our primary form of travel but we are happy we took the adventure. Click here to read the entire piece.

  • Hurricane Katrina Made Me Want to Plant Roots

    Contributed to New Orleans Mom and featured on NOLA.com Back then, they called it “The Storm” (and some still do, although the moniker lost power after Gustav). There were blue tarps on most roofs. There were large piles of debris that had not yet been cleared. The roads … well, you know. Still, every person I met was eager to share their experience. Every open restaurant was welcoming. In no time I was in love. With the guy? Maybe (at the time I wasn’t sure). But with the city? Definitely. Click here to read the entire piece.

  • Freedom Through Diagnosis :: My Journey with MS

    Contributed to New Orleans Mom Here is what my experience taught me. Trust your instincts. If you believe something is wrong, find someone qualified to help you. Be a partner in your treatment. Be able to trust your doctor’s advice. Discuss side effects, discuss alternatives, find out how it will affect your lifestyle. Your doctors, your family, and your friends are all a vital part of managing your disease, so make sure you can rely upon and trust them. You must be willing to show vulnerability and weakness. And, at the end of the day, you must be willing to show strength. You may have a disease. That doesn’t mean…

  • My House Needs Work But I’m Keeping It

    Contributed to New Orleans Mom I’ll be the first to admit that the pieced together look isn’t working for me. I’m pretty organized by nature, yet my home is full of cluttered spaces. Although we have plenty of large closets, that doesn’t equate to efficient. The hall closet I mentioned is full of gift bags, decorations, and storage, fit together Tetris style and (shamefully) rarely used. There’s definite overflow, and even more wear and tear. Click here to read the entire piece.

  • Why My Daughter Has Her Own Calendar

    Contributed to New Orleans Mom Charley struggles with anxiety, sensory issues, and panic attacks. At the tender age of four, when we thought she was just dramatic, they began to surface. By the time she was six, they were near crippling. After a year of therapy, we’ve developed tools to help her manage. Her weekly planner is one of the most powerful. The planner is hers. She chooses the colors. She chooses if she is going to skip piano practice on a day she does extra math. She chooses her off days and times. I hint that by Thursday she’s tired and might want a light evening but doing so means more homework…