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After a tragic attack, Eve hid her magic to protect her family. But when her connection to Nate shatters her barriers, it awakens an evil presence from their past who wants her blood.

“Jen takes you into a captivating world and keeps you hanging on with every word. Beautifully written, and a full range of emotions through it all. Perfect pick if looking for a quick escape!”

“Excellent book! I was hooked and I loved the story, characters and setting.”

“I almost felt as though I was inside some of the scenes with how well the emotions of each character were portrayed.”

Six years ago, Eve’s life was destroyed when a home invasion became a tragedy. Now, she keeps the world at a distance, and her magical abilities hidden, to protect her daughter. But at night, she’s plagued with nightmares from a past she can’t recall, and a secret longing for something deeper.

When Nate woke up in the hospital, he had no memory of what happened, or how he got the jagged scar across his neck. He only knew he’d been attacked for something he didn’t have. Six years later, he’s dedicated to raising his son and forgetting the past. But at night, dark rooms haunt his nightmares and remind him of the mysterious woman who saved him.

When their children form an intense friendship, Eve and Nate can’t deny their chemistry. But as they grow closer, the careful barriers Eve placed around her magic shatter. Their connection is the key they’ve been looking for, but their bond has awakened an evil presence out for revenge.

He wants Eve’s power. He knows how to take it. And he will kill anyone who stands in his way.

Dark Rooms is a quick read, a captivating story, and an intriguing mystery. Add this steamy stand-alone paranormal romance to your library today!