Dark Rooms

Haunted by the hazy nightmares of a mysterious attack, Eve placed walls around her life and the magical ability that couldn’t save her family. When her daughter befriends a special boy, his brooding father Nate enters Eve’s world, and their connection fizzles her barriers. As their relationship grows, a dark force returns for her power. To protect their future, they must face the mystery of their past.

“Jen takes you into a captivating world and keeps you hanging on with every word. Beautifully written, and a full range of emotions through it all. Perfect pick if looking for a quick escape!” –

“Excellent book! I was hooked and I loved the story, characters and setting.”

“I almost felt as though I was inside some of the scenes with how well the emotions of each character were portrayed.”

Eve is haunted by the hazy nightmares of a devastating home invasion. Now a single mother, she’s placed walls around her life, her daughter Lina, and the magic that couldn’t save her family.

But Lina’s intense friendship with Parker, a boy with abilities of his own, brings his easygoing father Nate into Eve’s world. Nate has scars he won’t face, and their connection fizzles the careful barriers Eve created. To be together, Eve must set aside her guilt and trust the new family she’s found. Meanwhile, Nate must embrace his role in her life and accept his limitations.

But their bond has awakened an evil presence from their past. He wants power. He knows how to steal it. And he will kill to get it.