Starting Over in Cypress Lake

A Later-in-Life Small Town Women’s Fiction Short

Jen Lassalle is a consummate writer, painting pictures with her prose. Her scenes unfold in front of us like an expertly shot movie.

“Short and sweet. And these words fit it perfectly … The main character was relatable, and the author had a way of making the town of Cypress Lake come alive.”

“This is the first book I’ve read by Jen, and I was pulled in from the start. Her vivid descriptions captivated my attention.”

She fled her family legacy. But when a crisis pulls her back, can a free spirit find a fulfilling path in the small town she left behind?

42-years old and recently divorced, Jasmine LaFleur is living an aimless life in New Orleans. When her twin nieces call begging her to return to the small town where she grew up, she plans a quick visit to support them. Once there, she discovers that her sister has relinquished custody of the tweens to Jasmine, with the requirement that they be raised in Cypress Lake.

Suddenly thrust into the role of mom, Jasmine struggles to find her footing. And it doesn’t help that all of her youthful mistakes are waiting to greet her, including the affable Alex Hebert, the boy who broke her heart. When painful family dynamics resurface, she grapples with putting down roots in a place haunted by regrets.

As she and her nieces forge a new future together, Jasmine will have to decide if she can leave the past behind. But the more time she spends in the charming southern town, the more she realizes that it’s never too late to start over and live the life of your dreams.

Starting Over Cypress Lake is the emotional first book in this later-in-life, small town women’s fiction series of shorts. If you like fish out of water, stories of starting over, and hints of second chances, then you’ll love Jen Lassalle’s heartwarming series about love, hope, and family.

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