About Jen

Jen is a New Orleans local (not a native – that’s a very different breed) who divides her attention between books, friends, family, and Mardi Gras.

She is a regular contributor and events coordinator with New Orleans Mom, one of the largest parenting sites in Louisiana. She has also provided guest contributions to New Orleans Living Magazine and Time Worn Tales. Her flash fiction has been included in Spark Magazine.

When she’s not working, Jen enjoys being active and adventurous. She can be found walking at the park, taking yoga classes, and swinging Kettlebells around the city. She loves chats at coffee shops with a good friend and insists on having a family fun day at home once a week. Those days are for couch time, completing puzzles, or playing video games with her two kids, husband, and a variety of furry critters… plus the occasional frog.

After a twenty-year career in Software Engineering, Jen switched gears and became a full-time writer. She likes to share the stories she’s written privately all her life, where fantasy and romance blend with the emotional hurdles we all work to overcome to create a compelling narrative that sticks with readers long after they put it down.