The promotion of June’s dreams creates disturbing nightmares of another world. But when those nightmares become reality, can she embrace her destiny before their war leads to our destruction?

When June’s boss promised to groom her for the promotion of her dreams, she knew she would have to endure a few sleepless nights. She didn’t know it would strain her new romance or lead to disturbing nightmares. She’ll do anything to get ahead, but when those nightmares come to life, she’s forced to acknowledge her deeper calling.

Then Kida, a distant warrior, steps out of her dreams to protect and guide June, and she must choose between the safe path she’s on or the dangerous power of her higher purpose. June’s words prophesy violent battles and a war for the throne that shapes their future and alters ours. But wars have casualties in both worlds, and as her family’s connection to Kida deepens, finishing the story may prove difficult. And tragic. 

Pre-Order January 2021, Releases April 2021