Scribe of Shadows

A Steamy Lesbian Urban Fantasy

June Rapport thought this would be her dream job. But when stressful days lead to restless nights, she questions her sense of reality. Now, she’s catching shadows lurking in corners and waking up with painful gashes. She dismisses it as stress until demons from a world she thought was imagination step out of her nightmares to threaten the lives of those she holds dear.

They bring with them the feral warrior, Kida, who was raised to defend June as she acknowledges her deeper calling. June’s writing prophesies violent battles and a war for the throne in another land. But wars have casualties in both worlds, and her embattled ally is more than just a fighter. As her family’s connection to Kida deepens, June’s choices could lead to heartache. Or slaughter.

As June embraces her true self, will finishing her story create a new tragedy?

The Scribe of Shadows is a suspenseful and steamy standalone Urban Fantasy. If you like complicated characters, nuanced villains, and realistic lesbian heroines, then you’ll love Jen Lassalle’s battle against darkness.

Buy The Scribe of Shadows today and prepare to be up all night!