You Were a Vine

Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

When He took you from me He promised you would become a flower. Any flower I chose. I thought of your resilience, remembered the times you should have caved but didn’t. When you ran, far before you walked, you wanted to jump. So you did.

I never gave you up willingly. I held on for dear life, squeezed you so tight to me your tiny hands dug into my …

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My First Funeral

I entered the church and went straight to Emily. I hugged her, as we always do when we see each other, but I held on longer. She didn’t mind.

We aren’t family, so I wasn’t allowed to sit with her. I pointed to the pews along the side, where Judy sat. 

“I will be with her. I will always be looking at you, so if you feel like you need me I’m right there.”

I’d …

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Marilena Learns to Rage

Marilena woke promptly at 5:20 am to the soft chimes of her alarm. She took a moment to inhale and, as she exhaled, smiled to herself. Rising with a slight spring (it wouldn’t be proper to hop out of bed, nor would it be wise to move slowly), Marilena dressed in the workout clothes she’d laid out the night before, ensuring a smooth panty line and giving herself a moment’s thrill as she adjusted her …

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I’ve Been Measuring My Worth by My Weight

Contributed to New Orleans Mom.

Most of my day, even if I’m wearing a smile, I’m fighting an internal battle. Inside my mind, I am berating the clothes I’m wearing, wondering if my double chin is showing and thinking about my weight. I’m assessing if there are rolls underneath my shirt. I’m worried I have a boob bubble sticking out of my bra. I’m hoping no one but me hears my thighs rub. I’m terrified

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